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Restaurantes bares Drago
Restaurantes bares Drago
Restaurantes bares-Drago
Restaurantes bares-Drago
Restaurantes bares-Drago
 Restaurantes bares Drago
Restaurantes bares Actividades Locais

Drago, Sint Petersburg

Primorsky avenue 15
Sint Petersburg

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Introdução, Drago

What things to do in Saint Petersburg. Restaurant and bar in Saint Petersburg - find me a restaurant and find me a bar here for dinner and drinks in Russia. From of old Yugoslavia is famous for it's hospitality. You can find such a place of old heartly Yugoslavia in Saint-Petersbourg. And this place is restaurant "Drago". Comfort and warm atmosphere in conjunction with exquisite food will bring you to Adriatic idyll. Bricks bleached with the Sun and ivy twined round them, fountain and the live music create atmosphere of warmth and confort. And splendid European food will help you to forget your problems.

Dados, Drago

Many years experience, old traditions, European service are waiting for you! Cosiness and home atmosphere combined with wonderful European cuisine. The restaurant is named after the restaurant's founder Dragomir Rakanovich, who has opened several similarly-named restaurants in Yugoslavia, Germany, England and other countries. The chef (Mladen Kurilich) has been awarded a gold medal for his achievements in the art of cookery. There's lots of varieties of soup, including French onion soup, and soup 'Madonna' with shrimps. Among the restaurant's speciality dishes are 'Drago' (chicken, beef, agaric sauce) or 'Alexander' beef (beef fillet, bacon, mushrooms). Live music every day.

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