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Komt dat even goed uit, wij hebben verschillende pasta's op de kaart staan!
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Restaurantes bares La Manufacture
Restaurantes bares La Manufacture
Restaurantes bares-La Manufacture
Restaurantes bares-La Manufacture
Restaurantes bares-La Manufacture
 Restaurantes bares La Manufacture
Restaurantes bares Locais
Restaurantes bares Actividades Locais

La Manufacture, Bruxelas

Rue Notre Dame du Sommeil 12-20
1000 Bruxelas

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Introdução, La Manufacture

What things to do in Brussels. Restaurant and bar in Brussels - find me a restaurant and find me a bar here for dinner and drinks in Belgium. Tucked away in Rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil... It's a place crammed with history. With so much to tell... A delightful buzz abounds, from attentive waiters, from diners happily lingering. A former printworks, this was also the hideout of the Delvaux leather factory. Until it took on a new apparel, clad in leather, wood, cobalt blue stone, red granite, with its brick walls exhibiting the contrasts of softly filtered lights.

Dados, La Manufacture

Flavours of Old World culinary tradition are juxtaposed with the lightness of Asiatic cuisine, in harmony with the pace and colour of the seasons. The wines add delicious exoticism to the menu, without spurning the traditional classic crus. In fine weather, meals can be taken outdoors, in the peaceful internal courtyard planted with giant bamboos. A place of different atmospheres, La Manufacture is a generous 400m2 which means it can easily accommodate up to 250 people and is ideally suited as a place to hold banquets, cocktail parties or private viewings.

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