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Museu galeria Zahorske Muzeum
Museu galeria Zahorske Muzeum
Museu galeria-Zahorske Muzeum
Museu galeria-Zahorske Muzeum
 Museu galeria Zahorske Muzeum
Museu galeria Actividades Locais

Zahorske Muzeum, Skalica

Námestie Slobody 13
909 01 Skalica

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Introdução, Zahorske Muzeum

In 2005 the museum celebrated Záhorský Skalici centenary of its existence. Nascency museum activities can be observed Záhorí in organizing major activities collectors Skalica native, historian Frank Víťazoslav Sasinkom in 1876-1881. In 1898 the following studies Skalice returned MUDr. Pavel Blaho. Under the influence of the activities of Slovak society and museum exhibitions in the Levice Slovak-Moravian borderland along with several of his circle of acquaintances began to deal with the idea of collecting and presenting folk art to Záhorí. Himself as a doctor in their own ways after Záhorí already collected over popular products, embroidery, working tools, especially ceramics. Collection was opened to the public first in 1903 in a private house of Joseph Doe in Skalica.

Dados, Zahorske Muzeum

From the very beginning cooperated MD. Bliss with PhDr. Aloisov Kolísko, chairman of the Slovak Society Museum in nearby Hodonín. Successful completion of efforts to create a museum in Skalica was the year 1905, when the square opened up new cultural house. House with the official name "Catholic house, and called" Federal "or" house of the Slovak "on the first floor had three rooms for a museum on the area 120 m square. It was the first nationally-oriented museum in Slovakia, founded the private person. Museum in the years 1905 - 1918 had a presentation objectives and assisting in the consolidation of Czech national consciousness. According to entries in the guestbook visited him in the year 1914 a year of 250 to 400 persons, for example. Dr. voters. Paul wellbeing of the district Moravsky Saint John, before the elections to the Hungarian diet in 1906, participants called. "Farming congress in Skalica", which every year since 1906 until 1913 held in the federal house.

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