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The Capital Grille Cherry Hill
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Museu galeria Archeological Park Carnuntum
Museu galeria Archeological Park Carnuntum
Museu galeria-Archeological Park Carnuntum
Museu galeria-Archeological Park Carnuntum
Museu galeria-Archeological Park Carnuntum
 Museu galeria Archeological Park Carnuntum
Museu galeria Actividades Locais

Archeological Park Carnuntum, Petronell Carnuntum

Hauptstrasse 3
A-2404 Petronell Carnuntum

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Introdução, Archeological Park Carnuntum

What things to do in Petronell Carnuntum? Art gallery museum in Petronell Carnuntum - find me a museum and modern art gallery here in Austria. Tiberius, who later became emperor, erected a fortified winter camp in the Carnuntum area in the year 6 AD – thereby founding one of the most important cities within the roman empire. Enjoy fabulous moments in the world of the Romans and be witness to the awakening of Rome’s metropolis on the Danube. Buildings that have been recreated down to the last detail, entertaining stories about their inhabitants of 2000 years ago, and highly enjoyable celebrations will take you back on a journey of discovery, to when world history was written in Carnuntum. But that is only the beginning. Every year up to 2011 more and more of Carnuntum’s former splendour will be recreated. Watch our archaeologists as they reconstruct more magnificent buildings and gardens full of flowers – usually using technology that was known 2000 years ago. With the help of state-of-the-art animation you will soon be able to stroll through all those parts of the city that are still covered by soil.

Dados, Archeological Park Carnuntum

The Amphitheatre Bad Deutsch-Altenburg invites you on a journey back to the early days of Carnuntum. A civilian settlement surrounded the former military camp, but the amphitheatre is the only visible part of this settlement that can still be seen today. After the first fortified winter camp was erected in 6 AD, the military camp was built in the middle of the 1st century AD, and was the nucleus of what later became the metropolis on the Danube. A highlight of your journey back to Roman times is a visit to the Museum Carnuntinum in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg. The "treasure house" of the Archaeological Park Carnuntum was built by the architect Friedrich Ohmann in the style of a Roman country house and it was opened by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1904. One can marvel at unique finds from ancient Carnuntum here. Jewellery, tools, arms and cult objects have been restored with attention being paid to the smallest detail, so the treasures that have survived from Roman times can thus be admired.

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