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Van der Valk Hotel Volendam
Nog enkele plaatsen beschikbaarvoor de gezellige Live Cooking avond met optreden van Peter Beense op 31 oktober...
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Mobiliário HollandseHanden
Mobiliário HollandseHanden
 Mobiliário HollandseHanden
Mobiliário Apresentação e Decoração

HollandseHanden, Hilversum

Sumatralaan 45
1217 GP Hilversum

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Introdução, HollandseHanden

Find the best furniture decoration in Hilversum, in the Netherlands. Dutch Hands: That stands for what we are. Dutch hands are hands that you can make.

Dados, HollandseHanden

Who do so with pride, dedication, creativity and love for the profession - whether it's a TV backdrop, an attraction or establishment of an exhibition or event. Holland Construction work in traditional, orderly and attention. But they also work with the most modern and innovative means. HD quality is in Dutch hands for granted. Dutch Hands are responsible and conscious people and the environment. Those hands, those people, that is our capital. vision Dutch Hands intends to maintain its leading position in the field of television sets in the Netherlands and aims for long-term growth in this segment in Belgium. Our hands can do much more. We focus in museums, theme parks theming, build business interiors, providing thematic decoration of staff parties and manufacture blow-ups and product presentations. For these activities we pursue growth after approximately 50% of our core business, which consists of scenography. Dutch Hands will always innovate and search for new materials, cleaner methods and innovative procedures.

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