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The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman
.@RitzCarlton Laguna Niguel offers an inspiring views for guests to enjoy during your daily workout. #California
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Destination management DMC specialized in Food & Wine
Destination management DMC specialized in Food & Wine
 Destination management DMC specialized in Food & Wine
Destination management Organizações

DMC specialized in Food & Wine, Barcelona

Ronda universitat 12, 4-7B

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Introdução, DMC specialized in Food & Wine

Food & Wine Tours specializes in organizing Corporate and Special Events; Incentive Trips and Product Launches in Spain with a gastronomic touch. THE BASICS: We propose locations; we manage singular spaces that combine art, beauty and history. Unique and elegant places to celebrate business meetings. Itinerary planning, transportation, accommodation and on-the-ground support OUR ADDED VALUE is the possibility to combine these business activities with our experiences created around Food & Wine. Team building & training, Indoor activities, tours, trips & cultural activities, restaurants & nightlife. These experiences allow the opportunity of discover, share, and appreciate the diverse tastes of our unique country. If you are a lover of good food and wine and are planning on doing a creative and fun experience, then our activities have been designed for you. We can tailor made all of them to your specific needs. Creativity is one of our milestones. Our offer is addressed companies, tour operators and travel agents but also to all those entities seeking for high quality food and wine experiences. Our services can meet all your needs, from the expertise of our professionals to create a unique activity; to the design, creation and coordination of the event that you consider it fulfils the agreed upon objectives.

Dados, DMC specialized in Food & Wine

Corporate Team Building trough tasting and Cooking What a Delicious Idea! Team building through cooking and tasting is an alternative to rope climbing, golf outings and treasure hunts. It is an enjoyable opportunity to bring together employees from various departments in your organization, create an experience for them to meet and to work together as a team, and produce immediate and tangible results. Food & wine have always been a perfect way to bring people together. By cooking, drinking and eating together, teams can discover the ingredients for successful, effective performance. For example if the goal is to work on problem-solving skills, participants could be given all of the ingredients for a recipe, but not all of the instructions. However, most groups prefer more loosely structured sessions for groups that want to spend time together and have fun.

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