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@marije_greiner haha zeker! Krijg ineens een déjà vu! Was alleen 3 weken terug mooier weer
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Agência de promoção Mio Ajans
Agência de promoção Mio Ajans
Agência de promoção-Mio Ajans
 Agência de promoção Mio Ajans
Agência de promoção Serviços

Mio Ajans, Istambul

Asiller Sk. 2
34120 Istambul

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Introdução, Mio Ajans

Find me a hostess agency in Istanbul. Find the best Hostess agency in Istanbul, in Turkey. Mio Ajans, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Dados, Mio Ajans

Mio Mio Group under the umbrella of the Agency in 2003, the young began operating in June, we are a dynamic company. We have set out with a full-service promotion and understanding of the organization. Slow, but surely we provide topics of human resources that we are experts in. The services we provide in this way and are fair services. We have worked ​​with leading companies in the sector in the short time since the start of our establishment, we have achieved great success in organization and promotion work.

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